The IRS Is Warning You About a New Tax Refund Scam

Be on the lookout for a new email scam impersonating the IRS! The scammers are hoping you will open their email because you are anxious for your tax refund and will be caught off guard. The emails have the IRS logo and a subject line referencing "your refund".

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Did You Know People Who Talk About Scams Are Much Less Likely to Fall Victim to Them?

Sometimes sharing is a good thing! When you receive that odd text, suspicious email or a phone call from a number you do not recognize, it is a good idea to share your experience with others. Perhaps someone in your family or friend group has had the same experience and can help you avoid a split second mistake that costs you money and/or your identity. Maybe by sharing your experience, you can save someone else from making that mistake. We are all bombarded with messages from everywhere all the time and the scammers hope to catch you at that moment you let your guard down.

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Stimulus Check Scams are Still Here-Don't Let Your Guard Down

Americans lost $221 million this past year to COVID 19 scams and stimulus payment fraud according to the Federal Trade Commission. If you are eligible for the second round of stimulus money (Economic Impact Payments or EIP checks) and you didn't receive yours by direct deposit already, paper checks or prepaid debit cards are on their way, so we can be sure the the scammers will be back trying to take advantage of the situation.

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