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Is your lawn tractor tired from all this mowing?

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Camden Chiropractic Center, P.C. opened its doors at the Depot Building in Tremont in 1992. Dr. Camden’s practice operated out of this location until the summer of 2007, when they purchased and remodeled their current location at 100 South Sampson. Dr. Camden’s wife, Janet, acts as the Office Manager, which involves working with insurance companies, but she also particularly enjoys the role she plays in assisting Dr. Camden with the care for infants and expectant mothers. In March 2013, Leigh Gibbs joined the team and works as an Administrative Assistant. 
According to Dr. Camden, patients’ perception of chiropractic care has continued to evolve since his start as a chiropractor. More patients are realizing that chiropractic care isn’t just about “a pain in their back”, but improving nerve function so the body can heal itself and stay healthy. In addition, he states that chiropractic care can help patients of all ages, from infancy, through childhood, into adulthood and well into retirement years. Expectant mothers also use chiropractic as a vital part of their pre-natal care.
Dr. Camden and Janet feel their biggest challenges are related to continual changes in insurance and regulatory/privacy policies. Specifically, changes in insurance have caused many people to postpone the preventive care they need, which results in more serious problems later that usually require more visits to repair. 
Dr. Camden and his staff encourage patients and prospective patients to ask how chiropractic services can improve your nerve function and overall health. It’s about so much more than “this aching back!”

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Tremont News

Tremont News

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