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Farming can be very unpredictable and there are times a helping hand to cover operating costs would be just what you need to be assured of another successful year in the ag business. With a FNBT Operating Line of Credit, you can access the funds whenever you need them and stay focused on what you enjoy- running your farm!  Give one of our Ag Lenders a call today for more information.


Tremont News

Tremont News

WELCOME SCOTT DAVIS!  Scott is our new Senior Commercial Lender in the Tremont Office. ...

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134 S. Sampson St.
Tremont, IL 61568
(309) 925-2121

New Holland
109 W. Lincoln
New Holland, IL 62671
(217) 445-2211

115 NW Main St.
Hopedale, IL 61747
(309) 449-3393

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