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Use the link below to start the Mortgage Loan process by saving the blank form to your computer:


 Click here for Mortgage Loan Quick Start Form*


Upon completion, attach it to an email sent to LOANS using the Secure Email link found on the Contact Us page. You are also welcome to mail the form or bring it to one of our locations.

A Mortgage Lender will contact you to review your request and discuss available loan options.

The following items are required to process a Mortgage Loan request:

Verification of Income:

  • Pay stub(s) - most recent for borrower and co-borrower(s), covering 30 days
  • Federal Tax Returns - complete copies of personal income tax returns from previous two years, including all schedules and W-2's
  • If self-employed - Signed business tax returns (with all schedules and W-2's) from previous two years and a current profit /loss statement

Verification of Funds to Close:

  • Bank statements - statements for checking and savings accounts (previous three months)
  • Investment accounts - recent statements if using these funds to close (previous three months)

Additional Documents, if Applicable:

  • If purchase of existing home - copy of Residential Sales Contract with buyer and seller signatures
  • If construction loan - construction contract with cost breakdown, builder's plans and specifications
  • If refinance - copy of owner's title policy and current homeowner's insurance declaration page
*This form is not a formal loan application or any commitment from The First National Bank in Tremont to lend money.

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