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Art Lang, Jr. (aka “Little Art”) always wanted to be a policeman when he grew up. His dad, Art Lang, Sr., always thought he should be the one to continue running the family business, Yokel Inn, when it was his time to retire. After all, it was a favorite Tremont watering hole and restaurant since the 1960’s and right where Art had grown up. After a stint in the U.S. Army, Art had an opportunity to work for a contractor in the area. This experience allowed him to go into business for himself, which he did for the next 20 years. However, as it often does, life had other plans for him. Art Sr. became ill and as his health declined, it became clear that just as his dad had hoped all those years ago, Art Jr. would be the one to step forward and take over the running of the Yokel Inn.


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Art officially took over the business in October, 2015 and while he had virtually gown up there as a child and had experience running his own business, this was an entirely new experience. He was just beginning to get the hang of it when a fire broke out on February 21, 2016. This fire completely destroyed the interior of the building. If there was a silver lining, the fire gave Art a reason to make some interior changes and renovate the space. This well-known Tremont destination reopened in October, 2016 to great reviews. Plans are to add a full service outdoor patio later this year and for all you meat lovers out there, Art is looking at adding steak as a regular menu item. There has been one other change since the fire in February and according to Art, this is the most important one. When the business reopened, it did so under a new name…Big Art’s Yokel. Art could think of no better way to honor his dad and all the work he and his mom had poured into the business all those many years. What a great tribute!

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