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Dr. Tammy Dugger spent a lot of time at her grandparent’s farm as a child and always liked being around all the animals. However, she wasn’t one of those kids who said “I want to be a vet when I grow up”. Instead, it was a sick dog and a visit to her local vet that changed her career path. At that visit, the Doctor noticed a special ability to calm her dog and subsequently asked if she would be interested in a position available at the clinic, working in the office. Dr. Dugger took the job and then went to school for her Veterinary Tech degree. It became clear she had found her calling, so she made the decision to continue her education, enrolling at Iowa State University for an undergraduate degree in Animal Science. After 10 years in school, she earned her Doctorate Degree in Veterinary Medicine in 2000. How did she get from Iowa State University to Tremont, Illinois? The current veterinarian in Tremont, Dr. Lott, was also a graduate of Iowa State University and was looking for another veterinarian to join his practice who could specialize in small animals and equine. The school suggested he interview Dr. Tammy Dugger, who was just finishing her last clinical rotation. In fact, it was after a 24 hour shift that she jumped in her car and headed straight to Tremont for her interview. And as they say, “The rest is history!"
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Dr. Dugger went on to purchase the clinic from Dr. Lott in 2004. When asked what the biggest change she has seen since she joined the practice in Tremont, she quickly answers the type of animals she cares for has changed dramatically. When she started, it was primarily larger animals; however, now smaller animals are the norm. The other trend that Dr. Dugger has noticed is a very good one-people are taking better care of their animals and are more educated on their pet’s health. Preventive medicine has become a norm, and there are more people who understand how important it is to spay and neuter their pet. We couldn’t leave the office without asking for a few interesting pet stories. The oddest pet she has treated was a mouse and the strangest story was of a Bullmastiff who swallowed a cell phone! That poor dog kept looking at his belly whenever the phone rang because it was set on vibrate! Without any details, let’s just say the phone was eventually returned to the owner...we aren’t sure if it still worked, but we are sure the dog felt better!

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