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As a senior in high school, Sharon Davison won her school’s business award.  She loved all the business classes she took and knew at some point, she would love to own her own business.  However, it would take several years for her dream to become a reality and she could not have imagined at the time where her dream would take her!  Meet Sharon Davison, owner of S.K. Davison, Inc. in New Holland IL.  While a female owned business is certainly not unusual, the type of business Sharon owns is not generally associated with woman ownership, even in 2016 and certainly not in the early 1980’s.  Sharon is the proud owner of a trucking and hauling business.   From one truck, purchased in 1982 to 26 trucks today, from an “office” on her dining room table to a building on 5 acres with multiple offices, a large repair area and an adjoining parking lot for trucks, from one employee/driver (her husband) to dispatchers, secretaries, mechanics and many drivers, Sharon is living the dream spawned from winning that high school award.  Add in years of hard work and a determination to succeed in a world where it wasn’t always easy being a female business owner and you can understand why she was recognized in 2010 as Trucker of the Month by the Mid-West Truckers Association.  

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The first truck Sharon bought in 1982 was driven by her husband, Ed, and leased to his employer at the time.  Then in 1983, Sharon and Ed, along with the late Joe Hinkle, started D & H Trucking Service.  Again, Ed did the driving and Sharon ran the business (along with home daycare to help supplement their income).  Then in 1992, Sharon took another leap and bought her own truck.  Suddenly the stage was set for some friendly competition for business between husband and wife!  However, each brought something to the arrangement the other needed, as Sharon managed the books and paperwork for both trucks and Ed did repairs and maintenance.  They even made it a family affair, as their three daughters got in the act of counting hogs, helping deliver livestock and the job no one wanted…scooping out the trailers!

By 1996, Sharon owned four trucks and wanted to expand beyond just livestock hauling.  She entered the world of construction hauling, government contracts, became a female business enterprise  and a DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise).  By 2005, her fleet had grown to 11 tractors and 3 tandems.  Today, S.K. Davison, Inc. has 26 trucks on the road working in agriculture, construction and even hauling windmill parts.  They are also supporters of B20 biodiesel fuel.  They began the journey into biodiesel fuel in 2002 and are an active member of the B20 Club.  One of their trucks even shares the “green” message as it travels the country. Sharon readily admits many people have told her, "You can't do that..." in her career. Sharon smiles as she says, "Telling me I can't do something is the best motivation in the world." Perhaps she should send a thank you note to all those people who thought she shouldn't and couldn't!                                                                               

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           Visit S. K. Davison, Inc. Website              Watch Ed's video debut, "It's Easy being Green"

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