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       K AND L EQUIPMENT & MECHANICAL           

           k and l equipment owner, Ken  Maverick, the shop cat

                                      Ken Lowe, Owner                                                   Maverick, Shop Supervisor

Ken Lowe has been a diesel mechanic his entire adult life and spent 30 years working on mobile railcar motors.  What is a mobile railcar, you ask?  A mobile railcar travels on both roads and rail tracks, moving railroad cars around rail yards. When these important pieces of equipment break, repairs need to be made as quickly as possible and fixed on site.  This is where Ken’s company, K and L Equipment & Mechanical, Inc. comes to the rescue!

                        inside the shop                 parts in the warehouse 

                                             mobile railcar     

                                                                   Mobile Railcar

In 2005, Ken decided to take his many years of repair and rebuild experience with mobile railcars and other heavy equipment and open his own shop at his home in New Holland, IL.  He purchased one service truck and had one repairman…Ken himself.  With all his connections from the last two decades coupled with Ken’s integrity and outstanding quality of work, it didn’t take very long for his business to outgrow its location.  By 2008, Ken had moved his business to land he purchased in Mt. Pulaski, IL where he built a large building for the business and a new home.  Not long after, it became clear that the business had outgrown the new building and a second one was constructed.  K and L Equipment & Mechanical, Inc. now has 3 service trucks, employs 6 full-time employees and a secretary to keep everyone on task!  And yes, when not out on calls, Ken is there too, just like he was when the business started. The business still repairs mobile railcars on site with their trucks; however, they also completely rebuild railcars, sell used ones and specialize in hard-to-find parts for older mobile railcars.

One question Ken is asked all the time is the story behind his bright yellow trucks.  How did that color become “his color”?  With a smile on his face and sparkle in his eyes, Ken said when he went shopping for his first truck he found a good deal on one that was never titled, but a few years old.  He assumed it hadn’t sold because of its bright color…yellow!  But for Ken it was perfect because his favorite NASCAR driver once drove a bright yellow car and he knew it was meant to be!

Ken and his big yellow truck

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