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 If you have lost your CREDIT CARD, please call:

        Anytime 24/7:                          1-844-269-3016   

If you have lost your DEBIT/ATM CARD, please call:

        During normal business hours:   309-925-2121
        After hours:                              1-800-383-8000  


If you are traveling outside of Illinois, please contact your local office or call us at (309) 925-2121. 

This will prevent any inconvenience to you, as cards may be blocked due to what appears to be fraudulent activity but is in fact legitimate.

Please have the following information available:

  • Dates of travel
  • Destination of travel 

Protecting Your Cards

The best protections against card fraud are to know where your cards are at all times and to keep them secure. For protection of ATM and debit cards that involve a Personal Identification Number (PIN), keep your PIN a secret. Don't use your address, birthdate, phone or Social Security number as the PIN and do memorize the number. The following suggestions may help you protect your ATM/debit card or credit card accounts.

For Debits Cards:

  • Download our Fraud Protection App:                  

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  • Don't carry your PIN in your wallet or purse or write it on your ATM or debit card. 
  • Never write your PIN on the outside of a deposit slip, an envelope, or other papers that could be easily lost or seen. 
  • Carefully check ATM or debit card transactions before you enter the PIN or before you sign the receipt; the funds for this item will be fairly quickly transferred out of your checking or other deposit account.
  • Periodically check your account activity. This is particularly important if you bank online. Compare the current balance and recent withdrawals or transfers to those you've recorded, including your current ATM and debit card withdrawals and purchases and your recent checks. If you notice transactions you didn't make, or if your balance has dropped suddenly without activity by you, immediately report the problem to your card issuer. Someone may have co-opted your account information to commit fraud.

For Credit Cards:

  • Be cautious about disclosing your account number over the phone unless you know you're dealing with a reputable company. 
  • Never put your account number on the outside of an envelope or on a postcard. 
  • Draw a line through blank spaces on charge or debit slips above the total so the amount cannot be changed. 
  • Don't sign a blank charge or debit slip. 
  • Tear up carbons and save your receipts to check against your monthly statements. 
  • Cut up old cards - cutting through the account number - before disposing of them. 
  • Open monthly statements promptly and compare them with your receipts. Report mistakes or discrepancies as soon as possible to the special address listed on your statement for inquiries. Under the FCBA (credit cards) and the EFTA (ATM or debit cards), the card issuer must investigate errors reported to them within 60 days of the date your statement was mailed to you. 
  • Keep a record - in a safe place separate from your cards - of your account numbers, expiration dates, and the telephone numbers of each card issuer so you can report a loss quickly. 
  • Carry only those cards that you anticipate you'll need.


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