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Is your business missing out on potential sales because you can’t accept credit/debit cards?  Would you like to be able to accept online donations to your nonprofit organization on your website?  Think of how many more sales you could make at the local festivals and craft shows if you could just accept credit card payments on your mobile device!  As customer shopping habits continue to evolve, businesses need to make sure they are available to make a sale anytime and virtually anywhere.

If you already have merchant services available, do you think you have the best solution for your business needs?  Are you paying too much for your current service? What about your machines…are they chip card ready?  

At FNBT, we offer merchant services for all business models.  Whether your business operates in a virtual environment with only online sales or a more traditional brick and mortar location, we have a merchant services system to fit your needs.  We have solutions designed specifically for churches and mobile options for businesses on the go!  Contact one of our business bankers today for more information or a quote for our merchant services.

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