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1879   A.G. Davis and L.M. Hobart opened a private bank in the old Pettis and Ingalls Bank building (a building that was built in 1859 and operated for approximately 10 years before closing). 

1883   Mr. Hobart retired from banking and A.G. Davis assumed the banking business which was then known as "The Davis Bank Company."

1906   Received a state charter and was known as "The Tremont Bank."

1909   Converted to a national bank and was known as "The Tremont National Bank."

1931   Merged with Tremont's other bank, "The First National Bank of Tremont," which had organized in 1902. The newly chartered bank was then known as "The First National Bank in Tremont."

2001  First National Bank in Tremont purchases New Holland Branch from Union Planters Bank. Becomes the New Holland Banking Center with a renewed focus on customer service, community support, and local decisions

2004  First National Bank in Tremont purchases Hopedale Bank from Hopedale Investment Company. Becomes Hopedale Community Banking Center proudly serving as their friendly, community bank.

2006  Marked the 75th anniversary of The First National Bank in Tremont.

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Tremont News

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