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David and Kelly Stevens were born and raised in the Chicago area. However, they really wanted to relocate to a place where life was at a little slower pace to raise their family. Both worked for an overnight delivery company, one working the day shift and the other the night shift, and this made family life even more difficult. When an opportunity for David to transfer to Mason city, IL was available, they took it and never looked back. Their longtime friend, Dustin Lee, was also looking for a life outside the Chicago area, and he had a dream to open a restaurant and use his culinary skills. Together, they went into business and Stoney’s Place in New Holland, Illinois opened November 15, 2016.

dining2    stoneysowners    bararea
        Dining Area                              David & Kelly Stevens                            Bar Area

When they first opened, they kept most of the previous menu items and have gradually been adding new options and surveying their ever growing customer base for their opinions. The menu features nightly specials, ranging from fried chicken to prime rib on Saturday nights. And don’t forget about the extremely popular walleye fish fry on Friday nights. If you are looking for some outstanding fish, akin to the legendary fish fries at resorts “Up North”, save the long drive and come to New Holland instead. But you better come early, because tables are hard to find on walleye night! The menu also has a large selection of sandwiches, pizza, appetizers and some goodies just for the little ones in your life.

Dave, Kelly and Dustin are looking forward to hosting car shows and bike shows when the weather warms up. In addition, they are trying out some karaoke evenings and always have some great specials for sporting events, like the NCAA tournament and NASCAR races. One question we did have was what is the story behind the name Stoney’s Place? And what a heartwarming story it is…Dustin’s dad was a gunsmith who was always known by his nickname, Stoney. When Dustin joined his friends in the Lincoln area, it was after his father had passed away following an extended illness, so the decision was an easy one. In fact, there is a picture of his dad at about age 17, dressed like a Western movie character, in honor of the man and his passion for his gunsmith career. What a great tribute!

 Link to Stoney’s Place facebook page for hours and daily specials   

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